Rainbow Road Trip 2

I’m definitely going to have to sit down and read one of his books, if for no other reason, simply because he was so genuine.

Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan

Because we got there right on time, you’ve probably already guessed that a whole lot of other people reached the bookstore before us and so the it was quite crowded. For the reading and Q&A portion, we were moved out into the parking lot it was quite a good-sized crowd. So good-sized that Elisa and Emily ended up having to stay inside while the rest of us were outside simply because they couldn’t make their way to us. It was kind of a good thing though, because they got this lovely shot of them posing for a photo op

During their Q&A, both Rainbow and David spoke about some really awesome stuff, both in regards to their books and also writing in general. I was really touched by how open and honest they were. Often times you meet authors who always kind of bring things back to their books and while that’s fine, and most of the time people are there to talk to them about their books anyways, it’s still refreshing to hear authors praise other works and talk about things that don’t directly relate to them.

Eventually night started to creep in and I’m sure their feet started to hurt from standing (mine did) so things moved back inside for the signing portion. It is funny how much we build up meeting authors and getting books signed, because when we actually get there and were handing them our book and they’re asking for our name, we realize that it only lasts about ten seconds max, a little longer if you get your picture taken with them. It’s still satisfying but a bit anticlimactic.

Either way, I was beaming!

I hope you liked this post, it was not really about the book, but I thought I’d give you a little inside story. Tell me what you think about this! Thank you!